Cultural exchange + fun = personal enrichment

This is not what I had planned for the first entry of this blog but it’s taken me longer to get hands on it because of a terrible summer cold. However, it’s related to what will be my next entry.

After these days me and the whole world has been trapped by the inevitable World Cup and the frenzy created around it. Some people dispise soccer as a sport and as a cultural reference, but for those who while we aren’t soccer’s biggest fan we enjoy watching a good game, we see much more to what this type of event involves.

In two weeks I have my best friend come from Hanover, Germany to visit me for some days. Also, a few days later her cousin and a friend from Los Angeles, California are coming on holidays as well. The story doesn’t end here, the three of them have a varied heritage that shows in their looks as well as in their personas. And we are going to go all together to watch the World Cup at some bar while sipping on some drinks and eating some snacks, isn’t it awesome? Four people from different parts of the world reuniting in one place and enjoying one event that at the same time brings the whole world together. It’s one of the few times in which the differences among countries are faded away and are barely visible because what prevails is soccer.

To me, this is an intercultural exchange which enriches me as a person, allows me to learn about the world through them, to use a foreign language and to enjoy at the same time.

One of the best ways of getting to know the world better is through its people. Put the rest aside and grow as a person sharing your own little world with the rest, it’s just one world after all.

2 thoughts on “Cultural exchange + fun = personal enrichment

  1. *claps* I loveeeeeeeeeed your first blog and I am excited that you are talking about me hahaha.

    Now, about the topic, I still don’t understand why people can get together peacefully and enjoy such thing like soccer, but when it comes to “serious” stuff they forget about how peaceful and nice it can be. That is why I love soccer, I can’t remember any other great summer in Germany than the World CUp 06 summer. Germany welcomed the world and the world loved it. It was also a very nice way to show how Germany has changed after the troubled past.

    I am so glad that we are gonna spend this together, by the way, it is next week already 🙂

    Can’t wait for a new entry.

  2. Well it’s sad but true, also this year is an amazing opportunity for South Africa, it’s gonna bring some money and it’s promoting the country. However, when it comes to personal interests, countries don’t seem to be able to do this. They keep this unbalanced status because it’s beneficial according to the “important people”. As I recently said, the human being is its own murderer, and we damage ourselves.

    Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you liked it. I hope to get better at this.

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