About me

Verónica_García_TranslatorMy name is Verónica García and I am a translator and localizer.

After earning my degree in Translation and Interpreting in 2009 I started working as a freelance translator and localizer for private clients and translation agencies as well as volunteering for organisations such as Intermon Oxfam Italia which I continue to collaborate with. Also, from the beginning of 2012 until summer of 2014 I worked as a QA Tester at Nintendo of Europe GmbH which has allowed me to learn a lot about the video games localization process and the industry itself.

Currently I am working as a Senior Team Lead in the production department from a multinational translation agency known worldwide, managing 3 teams of a total of 25 project managers.

My main areas of expertise are: software, website and video games localization, legal and media.

For further information or in case of doubt check the F.A.Q section or contact me, CV will be sent upon request.