Mi primera experiencia negativa

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Ways of improving your foreign language (II)

First of all, I apologize for being away for so long and not updating with new blog entries. From now on I will try to keep it updated on a regular basis.

The previous blog entry was about way of improvinga foreign language which are certainly pricey and sometimes unaffordable for many people. So, I’m going to give those of you who can’t take up on those activities or prefer simple ones that can be carried out in your local area.

The following are activities or things that I’ve done myself and I can tell they work and help you to improve.

  • Reading books

If you like reading, or despite you don’t like it, reading books in the language you are learning is a great way of widening your vocabulary, learning new expressions, slang – which is very important in the everday usage of the language-, and after some time reading books you will notice how much you’ve learned through it. If you take it seriously, try underlining those words you don’t understand not even by the context of the sentence or paragraph and look them up in a dictionary. You can write the answer above the word in the book so it’s easier for you to read through and it will help you remember the meaning of that word until it becomes part of your vocabulary.

  • Movies / TV in other languages  or subtitled

I’m sure many of you think you are not capable of going through a whole movie in other  languages because you think you won’t understand anything. Nowadays, thanks to DVDs, we have the opportunity to watch a movie in several languages within the same disc. Try watching the movie in the chosen language using subtitles in the same language too. If it’s still too complicated for you, start by using subtitles in your language which will help you understand the dialogue you are listening to. After some time challenge yourself and start using subtitles in the foreign language you are learning and also try watching without any subtitles, you will see that after some time your ear gets used to the language and, even though you may not understand every single word, it will have become definitely easier than it was. It also helps you learn new expressions, words and such.

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Ways of improving your foreign language (I)

How to improve your foreign language is always a subject people ask me a lot about. It may be obvious to some of you, but there are many others who don’t know what options there are or where to find them. According to my own experience visiting a country where the language is spoken, for an extended period of time, is the best way of improving your foreign language. This means spending from 2 to 4 weeks and longer in the country, getting involved with the locals, taking part in the city’s life, working or studying there, doing activities, etc. Your knowledge will widen and your fluency will improve tremendously in no time if you really get involved. Yes, this is not simply a vacation; this is how you will get your best results out of it.

The big question is “How do I do it?!”. Don’t fret.The following are some options you can consider:

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